Monday, April 6, 2009

Quick Guide to the world of bags

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Now you can get clued in on what's what!

An open-top bag with straps or handles.

Hobo bag
A crescent-shaped shoulder bag.

Tall shoulderbag, often with a wider opening on top.

Field Bag
A flap-top shoulderbag with utility-type closure (buckles, snaps, etc)

A small, handheld bag or a larger, geometric shape that is tucked under the arm.

A large, handheld bag.

Long and rounded shoulder bag resembling the namesake bread.

A large, soft shoulder bag with long straps (often worn across the body)

Cigar Box
A small , boxy, hard bag.

A soft, small bag.

Kelly Bag
A classic Hermes style named after Grace Kelly; a large, structured handbag with distinctive hardware closures.

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CuTeMiUt78 said...

emmm..bagus la kan,..

Redbloodsnow said...

wahh..tenkiu mumy for this quick guide neh



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