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Pagi tadi beli magazine YOUNG PARENTS, terjumpa artikel so publish untuk renungan. Mummy ada problem ckit ngan Daneen coz pangai lain ckit ngan Danish over manja kot. Daneen baya cam ni dah ada adik wah xkan ah mummy nak kena preggy lagi oh no no no no .......:-)


The typical two-year-old is so full of her own importance, she sees the world only from her point of view, expects to get things her own way, and uses every resource she has to make sure she wins the power struggle. That's why tantrums are so common ot this age.

Most parents find this a stressful time. Many report that the constant battle of wills between themselves and their young child is exhausting, as each becomes more and more determined to gaincontrol over the other. Many of these confrontations, however, can be avoided if cooperation is practised instead of confrontation.

  1. Explain to your child why she should cooperate - selalu gak buat hapah tak dilayan dia etc, adik lepas main kemas toys, selamba dia jawab "malas"

  2. Take action if she persistently refuses to cooperate - selalu gak tapi baru cakap adik cepat buat nnt mummy hanger, dah melalak wah pandai tul berlakon coz tak pasal2 mummy yg kena marah ngan nenek dia melalak mcm org kena dera

  3. Use rewards and praise to encourage her to cooperate - yang ni berkesan tapi setiap kali jugak ada upahnya

  4. Time Rewards and punishments properly - mesti ke ni


  1. Try to bully your toddler into cooperating with you - ni mummy yang selalu kena bully ok

  2. Suggest to her that she should cooperate simply because you tell her to

  3. Make empty threats - ni mummy selalu gak wat klu dah tension tahap gaban, always scared her "main ah kat luar tu ada hantu, biar dia makan adik" hehehhe

  4. Be afraid to reach a compromise with your child - sometimes, she refuses to cooperate because that is the only way she can develop her independence. There should always be room for compromissse. Rules can be bent at times, without breaking them.

Be Patient * None of these methods are guaranteed to win your two-year-old's cooperation every time. But they do provide a good starting point. Whatever method you use to encourage cooperation from your two-year-old when she is being difficult, try to apply it consistenly.

Despite your best intentions, however, there may be times when your toddler will not do anything you say, no matter how sensitive and understanding you are towards her and the situation. And you may become so angry that you feel ready to explode. Be ready to walk out of room or away from her until your temper has cooled down. A break of even a few minutes away from an obstinate two-years-old can be enough to defuse the tension between you.

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